What is your Australian personalised jewellery made of?

  • Every piece of Luxe Mint Jewellery is made of Stainless Steel and the Gold & Rose Gold is Ion Plated so it is hypoallergenic, will never rust nor tarnish, or turn your skin green.


Can I wear my hand crafted jewellery in the water?

  • You never have to take it off! LMJ is stainless steel so it wont rust by getting wet or by spraying perfume on it.


Does the price include necklace / bracelet and pendant personalisation?

  • It sure does! What you see in the picture is exactly what you will get for the price.


Can I personalise both front and back of the pendant?

  • As all my personalised jewellery is laser engraved, I can personalise both sides of your piece – this is one of the benefits of laser engraving over hand stamping.


How long will my order take?

  • Ordes take roughly 10 business days to process, then orders are sent via Express Post so allow 2-3 additional days for delivery.


Does your Australian personalised jewellery come with a warranty?

  • All products come with a 45 day warranty. If the clasp or chain breaks as a result of a faulty product, please contact me and I will fix the issue.